Thursday, October 28, 2010

Is that number for real?

Scale said 349 this morning. I didn't even believe it. I thought it might have been because I set it a few inches away from where I normally put it down. So I moved it. Still said the same thing. So I stepped off it and waited for it to reset itself (it's digital). Still said the same thing. And this was before I even did my business this morning which sometimes I wait to do that because I figure the more I can get out of my body before I weigh, right?
And so I reached my goal. Two days before the end date. But, somehow it doesn't really feel like I'm under 350. That means I'm only 6 pounds away from my lowest weight since I started this thing. But I felt different then. Back then I was feeling skinny and healthy and the whole thing felt positive. Now? Well, now I just feel fat and clunky. I feel like my eating hasn't been so hot and I just kinda feel gross. Like when I weighed 378. Except I don't anymore. Ridiculous. I've lost 29 pounds and I don't feel different.

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  1. Haven't seen a new posting from you in a while. I hope you didn't give up just because you didn't "feel" different. I mean, you lost weight! That's fantastic! Amazing! Wonderful! You can keep on doing this so if you fell off the wagon, maybe together we can get back on. Are you with me? Vee at