Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bad mojo! Bad!

I think I found my mojo again. It's been so long since I lost it I was afraid it would never come back. It feels like the past 4 months have been a blur and several things have pushed me back to where I belong. I'm glad I didn't give up on myself. When it felt like everyone else did I would come back here and reread my posts. And I knew I would get back on the horse someday. And boy did I pretty much give up these past months. I gained basically everything back. I hit 370 and it's like I just couldn't do it anymore. There was a lot of mental bitch slapping going on. So it's been a few weeks and now I'm back down to 355. I like the path I'm on. It's feels right. It doesn't feel my last post (where I probably could've used a mental bitch slap). 
So yea, I think that's a good start. Still have to work today and this post is really me just kinda fuckin off on that one, so I'll update the rest later.
Yea, it feels right again.

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