Sunday, October 24, 2010

Quite possibly the best invention ever.

Ok, now I know this looks like some weird torture device. Probably even could be if I put my mind to it. :) But I swear it's not. It's actually......dun dun apple peeler corer slicer. Seriously. The box even says that. Which I found amusing because whatever genius came up with this thing couldn't come up with a better name for it other that just describing all the awesomeness it does.
But none of that matters because I woke up this morning and decided to try it out. Having bought it a couple days ago on a whim, not knowing the potential childlike joy I would derive from using it.

First, you got to crank back the handle.

Now, impale your apple upon the fork. (Yes, you can pretend it's someone you don't like, nobody's judging)

Now start cranking that thing back the other way. It helps to have ominous music playing. Feel free to make some with your mouth. I do.

Ahhh, it's starting!! I can hear faint pleas for help from my slowly skinned alive apple.

Keep cranking......

And it's done!

I immediately took a step back this morning when I first did this and said that's awesome. Then picked up the phone and called my mother at 10:30 in the morning to rave about it. The only question she had for me was how much I had had to drink the night before and whether I was still, in fact, drinking. :)

I just can't believe how I ever lived without this thing. I see a lot of apple dishes in my future.

The only question I have is.......

What the hell do I do with all this leftover apple hair?

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