Thursday, October 14, 2010

So damn hungry

I got a few things bouncing around in my head I thought about writing about, but the one thing that keeps putting me off is how friggin hungry I am. Now I ate reasonably for the day. I even splurged and ate a footlong from subway for dinner because I finally got paid and I wanted a treat. And you would figure I'd be content and full. But I'm not. I've got this raging hungry monster inside me right now and all it wants is to go eat everything in the kitchen. And all I want to do is just punch this hungry monster in the face. When I think about it, I sort of imagine that little orange creepy mouthless thing on those weight watchers commercials. Seriously, after watching one of those commercials, doesn't anyone get this weird thought that if that thing was really following you around in real life trying to get you to eat cakes and hamburgers, that you wouldn't just turn around and boot the thing across the room? I don't know, maybe it's just me. Hunger makes you think some weird thoughts sometimes. :)
But whatever, because I am down 5 more pounds. Weighed in at 354 this morning. But you know what is seriously more frustrating than anything I can imagine? I have new stretch marks on the sides of my belly. WTF
How can I lose weight and gain stretch marks? It's not fair. Ugly purple stretch marks that will take months and months to fade. That will never be completely gone, just faded silvery marks all over my torso.
It's not fair.
So I'm gonna whine and feel sorry for myself but what I'm not gonna do is eat to make myself feel better. Because I lost 5 pounds since sunday and no stupid stretch mark is going to make that less of an accomplishment than it is. I earned those 5 pounds. I worked for them and now I'm happy to think that I'm only 10 pounds away from my lowest weight back in July.
So I think I'll go make a light snack of cottage cheese and pineapple and effectively kick my hungry monster in the face. :)

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  1. You did GREAT! Good for you for losing those 5 pounds. And as for the stretch marks... you EARNED those by losing the weight. Be proud as you rub them with lotions and potions!

    Vee at

    p.s. I am "hungry" all the time but we both know we're not really hungry. Take a HUGE drink of ice water and see if that fills you up. The freezing cold will help speed up your metabolism too.