Tuesday, May 3, 2011

So it actually! said 338 this morning, and I thought to myself I should totally take a picture of that! But then when I went upstairs to grab the camera I also drank a bunch of water which obviously skewed it. But you know, maybe I was dehydrated, so I'm just going to record today's at 339. Yes I know my scale does point whatever the miniscule amount is after the main weight, but I don't count that ever. So, yay  me! That's 3 more pounds. That's almost 40 pounds lost! If anything, after this past weekend, I would've figured I would have gained but there ya go. On Saturday, my eating was spot on (until I decided to smoke a bowl and then I ate a bunch of spaghettios and bread and butter). Sunday I decided not to let that get me down, so I ate fairly well until I made a dinner for my family. I made potato leek soup, shephard's pie, and dessert shells with fruit and cool whip. Honestly I guess that wasn't too bad because it was only a bowl of soup w/ some crackers, I only took one serving of shephard's pie which I didn't finish, and 2 dessert shells with said berries and it was fat free cool whip. :) But then I did have a few candybars later that night. Soooo, apparently not enough to derail me on the scale.
So the only person I've told besides this blog how much I've been losing has been Mike. I was kinda hoping when I had my family over on Sunday that they might notice I've lost weight. But nothing. I almost thought about saying something (hello, I've lost almost 40 pounds, isn't something fucking obvious?) but then I didn't because it just doesn't feel real to me if I do. If I say nothing and nobody else says anything, maybe they don't notice. Or maybe they just don't feel like saying anything. But I feel like if I went the whole day without saying anything about it, while they haven't said anything, and then I do mention that yea, ok, I've lost this much weight. That any kind of recognition or compliment is just being fished for. Doesn't feel real, like oh yea, I guess you have, or something. Maybe I'm just being silly about that. But it's frustrating, you know? I've worked pretty hard at losing this much, at least eating wise. Was I that obese that it's going to take a lot more than 39 pounds to notice anything? I don't know. I have notices clothes getting looser, this morning I looked in the mirror and thought my face seemed to be a tiny bit thinner.
Anyways, there's not really a point to this, just throwing out some thoughts.
                                           So here's a picture of Boots, my dirty old boy cat. :)

                                       Remember I said I'd take a few pics of my route into work?

                                       These are from a few weeks ago, when we still had snow.

      Thank god it's finally becoming spring around here, although you can't find prettier outdoors than in NH. :)

                                                      Hope ya'll have a great healthy day :)

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  1. I know the frustration of feeling like you're working your butt off but no one notices - last fall, my boss asked if I had lost weight since the beginning of the semester, and I said "Yeah, just like ... 75 pounds." It amazed me, and I thought that I was so big that someone couldn't notice a nearly hundred pound loss - but sometimes people we see frequently don't see the gradual changes right away. ♥ Keep in mind that you're doing a great job, and as long as you know you're looking and feeling good, that's what counts! Keep up the great work!