Monday, May 16, 2011

It happened

Well, I did it this weekend. I went off plan with my eating, not sure if it was because it's been on my mind so much or what. Did a lot of eating out, though I tried to be mindful of how much and how badly I was eating. Kinda stopped writing in my food journal too. Started out good today but then we went out to eat again, and I ate more than I probably should have. I weighed 335 this morning, so the damage isn't showing but I need to stop this path right now, or it will. I'm actually not feeling particularly bad, considering the range of foods I've eaten this weekend. So, I'm taking it all in stride and starting tomorrow as I normally do.
Still in the process of finding a car, we went to see several cars this past weekend. I'm hoping to find something I can buy outright, but damn does the used car market suck. Mike keeps suggesting getting financed for a new-ish car, and I'm starting to think maybe I should try. I've never had a car loan before though, and I'm not even sure I could qualify due to bad decisions I made when I was younger and have not fully cleared. I've got to get something though. I've been using Mike's truck for work since the beginning of February and I really just need to have my own car.
Almost bought a bike tonight. Seriously thinking about going back and buying it anyway. It didn't look too bad, I liked it, and it was on sale. Anyway I got to go to bed. Got to get up at the crack ass of dawn, dontcha know. :)

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