Thursday, May 12, 2011

Feeling much better

It was a pretty rough day yesterday and it took me a long time to write yesterday's post. I kept thinking about my life, and my weight loss, and mike, and food, and my family, and everything else I deal with and I just kept getting mad. At everything. Life's not fair, so cliche, but true. The only person who's going to make it happen is me. No one else. I can either be this miserable self loathing person, because I have this problem to deal with or...I can deal with it and make the best of what I'm capable of right now. Nobody likes to be around miserable people. I certainly don't and when I think about how I'm turning into that person, how I already am that person sometimes, well, I don't know. It's upsetting.
So I did a lot of thinking yesterday and part of this morning, and I feel better. I don't feel so bitter. I just kept thinking that, I'm only 26, I have a lot of life yet to live. Sure, I have this problem, this weight problem, but nobody's going to do anything about it for me. Only me. Other people's encouragement is nice, but it won't always be there. And I shouldn't let it dictate how I feel for the day. Hard, when you find out the world doesn't revolve around you, isn't it?
So, yay me! I'm still doing it. I'm awesome and everyone should know it. Back down to 336 this morning, just like I thought I would be. That's 41 pounds(for real this time, lol). It is only a week until my brother comes up from Georgia and I know I set a goal of 45 pounds. I may or may not make it by then, but I'm ok if I don't. Over 40 pounds is still an accomplishment, one that I'd be proud to tell him. But I'm still going to try like the dickens to lose those last 4 this week. :)

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  1. Well, now that things are back, I can finally comment and say I thought this post and the last one were so understandable to me. I could imagine myself saying some of the same words at different times in my own life. Thank you for sharing.