Friday, July 23, 2010

I never did like Dr. Phil.....

Well, this week kinda sucked. I've only made half hearted attempts at eating well. Wedsnday was the worst, I basically ate fast food all day and there wasn't even any healthy fast food. It was just junk. Not really too sure what was going on with that. It sucks too because before I left to go camping last week I weighed in at 344. I had good intentions when we set up camp. We even went to the grocery store and I bought salads and ground bison and veggies. But then I started having some beer. And I like beer, a lot, so that led to some more beer. And some more until I was finally pretty drunk. But it was a good time. Always is, isn't it? And even that wouldn't have been so bad, but we went to bed late and got woken up early. I was still kinda drunk. So Sunday wasn't good because I was tired and didn't want to deal with making healthy foods. I also didn't write down anything I ate, which I think made it worse. In any case, the rest of the week I just couldn't seem to get back on track. I currently weighed in at 350 this morning. So at least I hadn't gone way off board but I am pretty pissed with myself.
So today I'm starting fresh. I will make all my meals before I leave to go to work. And that's the end of that.
We signed the lease papers for the apartment and now we're just waiting to get the keys so we can start moving. Things have been stressful financially. We don't really have any furniture or a washer and dryer. That was actually supposed to be something we were going to go buy sometime this week/weekend but Mike's truck is turning out to have some repair problems that aren't cheap. And even that wouldn't be so bad but I had to go buy 4 new tires for my truck because one blew last week. Well, I didn't HAVE to buy all 4 at once, but I didn't see the sense of buying 2 new ones in a size I didn't want or the tire I didn't want. So now I have 4 new ones, significantly bigger and pretty sweet. I wouldn't give them back even now with our tight money situation. I'll have to take pictures. :)

Really, 350? Damn beer.

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  1. I don't like Dr. Phil either. Condescending and trite. Argh.

    You'll get back on track. Live for each moment... if you had junk food for breakfast, recognize it and immediately re-start your diet. I'm finding that helps. Not waiting until next monday or even the next day. Increasing exercising too.