Friday, July 16, 2010

Well at least it's something....

It's been a whole week since I last posted. Don't get me wrong I come on here every day, checking my blog, reading other people's blogs. I think about posting, but then I just don't. I don't know what's holding me back, some kind of writers block I guess. But either way, here I am.
I lost 2 pounds this week. I weigh 345 now. I feel like I haven't really lost anything, but now that I look I see that yes, I did lose 2 pounds. So at least that's something.
I think we've found a new place to live. It's a nice townhouse and it's within our budget. Mike is going over today to put a deposit on it and hopefully we can start moving in next week. I'm not too crazy about finding new places to live so I think we kind of settled on this one. But it really is nice and I think I'll like it. In any case it's only a year lease.
Oh and I bought a breadmaker this week. Kinda psyched about that one. I found it on craigslist barely used for $20, and it came with manual and cookbook! I already tried it, making a tomato and bacon bread. Which came out alright, but not as awesome as I thought. Partly user error, I added cold water and didn't use the right tomatoes. The next one I will try for is some herb bread with herbs picked fresh out of my garden. Mmmm.
Well, that's about all that went on this week. We're going camping tomorrow so hope everyone's weekend is fun. :)

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