Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Yea it's me.
There's Mike.

And there's our fish. Mackerel to be exact.

It was such stressful day. We were supposed to go for a half day of fishing but we got a late start and traffic was horrible. We ended up missing the boat by 5 minutes. I was so mad. And on top of it it was so hot, in the 90's I was just crabby. But they did 2 hour night fishing so that's what we ended up doing. It was definitely the best day to do it though. The sunset was gorgeous.

We ate at a restaurant afterwards, which has the best clam chowder ever, only we didn't get the clam chowder because they were out. Which sucked! The waitress talked us into getting the lobster bisque which was bad and I didn't finish mine. I had grilled swordfish and steamed green beans with a salad on the side. Which was supposed to make up for the fact that I had crab rangoons and an egg roll as a snack on the boat earlier. :)
But I guess I didn't do too bad, I woke up on Tuesday weighing 349. Today I was up to 350 but I'm not stressing. I'm still down from my last post. I'm still kinda amazed I've lost almost 30 pounds just by changing my diet. I haven't added any exercise since I started eating better, I just go about my normal business. Although that will change soon, I've been looking at bikes, thinking about getting one. When I used to live in Concord I didn't have a vehicle, and instead rode my bike everywhere I needed to go. It was a pain sometimes, but I was also in better shape too.

Anyways, HELLO to people who have stopped by to check me out. It feels kind of weird now knowing that someone else is reading what I write. Honestly, your the first ones since I started. So umm, hope you like it and what not. I'll try not to be whiny and boring, but I can't make any guarantees. :)

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