Tuesday, June 15, 2010

When does.....

it stop being water weight and start being fat? That's what I've been wondering lately. And how would you really know anyway? I weighed in at 358 this morning. I'm still eating well and haven't given in to any of the bad cravings I get. Which have been bad, let me tell you.
I putzed around walmart the other night, I had to pick up new headlights and I was bored. This was a super walmart which means it had grocery and I was nibbly so I decided to find a snack. Not the best idea, but I was good. I did pick up a 4 pack of some fat free chocolate snack packs. That pudding really got to me. I was going to choose the sugar free kind, it had 10 less calories and no sugar than the fat free, so good right? Not.
The sugar free had an ingredient list that was crazy, so much processed junk and things I didn't even know what. The fat free was pretty simple, at least I knew what each of the ingredients were and there were relatively few. I also picked up some sugar snap peas to munch on the ride home and I had one pudding cup when I got home. I hadn't eaten chocolate in weeks so it tasted so good.

I don't follow any strict kind of eating plan. I try to eat unprocessed foods, lots of vegetables and fruit. I like starting out my day with fruit smoothies. Usually I throw in a couple different types of fruit, maybe a banana, 6-7 strawberries and 1/2 cup of orange juice. Or blueberries, kiwis, raspberries, or mango. Love mango. Then I top it with a scoop of protein powder, I like designer whey vanilla, it's only 100 calories a scoop. Some ice and I blend it all. Good mix of carbs and protein, plus I knock out some servings of fruit for the day.
I do weigh all my food and I have a food journal I write everything in, although I don't count calories. I've done that in the past, and I might have to do it in the future, when I hit plateaus. But not now, I'm trying to get a feel for what my body needs, plus if I want to it'd be easy because everything is written down.
I drink fruit and vegetable juices, milk, teas, and water. One of my favorite teas is honest tea, very lightly sweetened. I haven't been drinking beer, which is very hard. I've always loved my beer. :(  There's a new beer out, bud select 55, it only has 55 calories a bottle. I've thought about trying it, but I don't know. I drink beer because of flavor, not calories.


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