Saturday, March 19, 2011

Stupid birthdays

Yesterday was my birthday. It sucked. I woke up too early after getting 4 hours of sleep to drop Mike off so I can use his truck. Because my truck doesn't work. Then I came home and fell asleep for a few more hours until I woke up and had to work practically all day. Then I had to deal with Mike being pissy because I wasn't there to pick him up because I was working. After I came home it was the silent treatment. So I made a cake, got high, and ate almost half the cake. It didn't help that I binged earlier at burger king on burgers and fries. It was a depressing day. Made even more depressing because last years birthday just as crappy as this years. So two years in a row. I haven't had a happy birthday in such a long time, years even. It just makes me mad because I at least made an effort for mike's birthday this year(and last years too) and he didn't even wish me happy birthday. And I don't know why I keep punishing myself with food because he's a crappy boyfriend.
Well anyway, I woke up this morning feeling like junk, which is to be expected. I have been eating fairly well lately, and that was a shitload of sugar and fat yesterday. I threw out the rest of the cake and made myself a healthy breakfast and lunch today. I want to put yesterday behind me and continue eating right. Why couldn't I have been born a normal weight person who doesn't have to deal with these stupid issues? None of my brothers have these issues. I just want to lead a healthy life.

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