Monday, November 14, 2011

Makin it work

Felling pretty good about things lately. I weighed 345 this morning. :) I can dig that. I was so hungry last night, it didn't seem to matter what I ate I was still hungry for more. Frustrating. I ate fruit and no sugar added tapioca, drank a lot of water and finally gave up and went to bed. I hate when I can't seem to get full even though I've eaten enough filling food. But something must be working because the scale is still going down. I plan on going for a walk in a bit. It's low 60's out right now, which is actually decent for New Hampshire nowadays. I wish the sun would come back out though, it seems like forever since I've seen it.

I found out my dog was put down on Saturday. It was very unexpected and I'm sad about it. We got him when I was about 13, and even though I haven't lived at home for awhile now, he was still my buddy whenever I went to visit there. :( Still upset about it. It feels like another part of my family is gone now. One of my brothers moved south 2 years ago, another is somewhere out west and haven't spoken to him in months. A third still lives up here, but he's on the road a lot for his job. Now my dog is gone and all that's left up here is my mom and stepfather. I know, things change, and people move on. But I feel a little lost.

Anyways, that's what's going on right now. Eating has been good, work is alright, and Mike went back to work. Which is great, he gets out of the house now and doesn't drive me crazy. And the money helps too. Well I'm off, otherwise I'll never get anything done.


  1. Great job with the weigh in! Some days, you're just hungrier than others. It's tough! A big glass of water and going to bed is the best in that situation, I find.

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