Thursday, November 10, 2011

Food and other stuff

Such a yucky rainy day over here. I hate november rain. But despite the miserable day outside, everything is going fairly sunny with the weight loss. :) I weighed in at 347 this morning. I started writing in my food journal again. Which, while it is extremely helpful in accountability, can also be a huge pain in the ass. Sometimes you just get sick of writing down every little thing you eat, ya know? Anyways, started that again on halloween day no less. No candy for me btw. Start weight on 10-31 was 357. I was actually starting to lose a little weight before I put the effort into tracking what I eat. Again. I'm happy with the loss though. Noticed a slight difference in how my clothes are fitting. Another good sign right? I'll take all I can get. No exercise really right now. Planning on working on that.
I've been also trying to get up earlier. Being in a funk where I don't wake up until noon or later gets old quick when the sun goes down in late afternoon now. I've laid off the weed quite a bit. Only gotten high a couple times in the past month or so. Once was the halloween party I went to, other was at home. Btw, I made my halloween costume completely by hand, pretty proud of it, I'll have to see if I can find a pic of it somewhere. I was dorothy from the wizard of oz. Sadly the shoes did not make it thru the night. We had a freak snowstorm and the glitter glue on the shoes started coming apart(yes I made the shoes too!).
Which brings me to the next project I'm working on. A new winter coat. Have you noticed how much plus size winter coats go for? Outrageous! And I'm not even talking about nice ones either. So I have a pattern for a nice lined pea type coat which I really need to get a move on. Winter is fast approaching. I've really started to get back into sewing the past couple months. Plus size clothes are expensive and hard to find something that fits well and doesn't make you look.........matronly. I'm only 26 for christs sake. On the other hand, I'm trying to lose this weight as well and it's simply not in my budget to buy clothes all the time. So look out soon for pics of this awesome new coat I intend to make. :)

I made the shells and cheese recipe featured on the cover. Delicious. The filling was goat cheese, ricotta, egg whites, mint, corn, and parsley. The sauce was a roasted red pepper sauce. Unfortunately don't have a pic of it, made it last week and it's long gone now. :) Future note however, don't use quite so much parsley as it says.

Today for lunch I made some pita pizzas. Quite excited about the pitas I found.

Only 60 calories apiece, yay.

Finished product, mmmmm. I took 2 pitas, covered the with 1/2 cup classico sweet basil sauce(leftover in fridge), topped with 4 oz diced sweet onions, 5 oz chopped roasted chicken breast, and 1.75 oz of mozzarella cheese. 600 calories total for both pitas. They were loaded and quite filling. I had a small breakfast this morning, otherwise I might have only made one. Or I still might have made two but put less toppings. Easy, healthy and a good way to get rid of leftovers :)

                                                                         Bon appetit!

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